New Global Events Manager: Congratulations Psych!


New Global Events Manager

The Events Team would like to welcome a new member to their Leadership Ranks, Psych!

Psych will be stepping into a Global Events Manager role, aiding in running and supporting events throughout the entire community. Psych has done a great job in this already, through helping with various events around the community and also in Member Services. The "Spring Wingman Tournament" could not have worked as well as it did without Psych assisting behind the scenes, and he has definitely earned his place as a Global Events Manager.

We're excited to see what global events he has in store for us in the future!

Please join us and congratulate @Psych on this exciting venture and well deserved promotion.

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Sphynx cats > Regular cats
Let’s go my boy Psych. I know you’ll do great things.

Appreciate the hard work you do.


Congrats homie, I’ve had your back since day 1 and it’s good to see you in something you enjoy.

I still remember the days everyone kept shitting on me for liking you and recommending you for admin 💀💀

Now look atchya, a manager! My boy!