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Diamond Commendation


Several Players who had been nothing but tremendous help!

@Daddy Succ - Daddy Succ has been one of the Admin Trainers teams' greatest strengths. He trained new admins like he had done it for years, he actively played on the servers to make sure that they stayed clean and the admins were doing well, he goes above and beyond to answer people’s questions, and he knocks out ban contests like they're the easiest thing in the world (they are really not). Not only that, he has also been helping out with projects, big and small, behind the scenes and really stepped up in every place where he felt that he could contribute. We would like to give a massive thank you for putting in the work that you are. It is greatly appreciated, and we hope that this diamond commendation shows you how much we value you and your efforts in the community.

@Jacko – After having returned to EdgeGamers as a full-time member Jacko has gone above and beyond the expectations of what a member should be. He was made Admin Trainer for his insight in jailbreak, and it showed. Jacko on his own went through the bugs and suggestions to document them for the leadership to have an easier time going over them. After having done this, he has coordinated a Mapping contest for Jailbreak which will bring in new maps for our members to enjoy. He went from community to community looking to see if other people were interested and ended up getting several others to join in. Having shown his dedication to the server and EdgeGamers Jacko was made manager of Jailbreak and is continuing to show how much he cares for the game. For his dedication and hard work, we would like to give Jacko the Diamond Commendation.

@Left – Left has been a long-time member of EdgeGamers, He first showed us his dedication when he became an Event Coordinator. He hosted multiple events a week and showed people who joined them how to have a good time. He then moved up to EC Manager where he helped run the Event Coordinator team where his main role became solving bug issues on the events server along with coming up with new events. He has helped fix multiple bugs along with adding new features for the players to enjoy. Left is now in charge of all the Event coordinators for Counterstrike and continues to show us what a real leader is. We would like to thank Left by giving him the Diamond Commendation, Thank you for all your hard work.

@Jayy - When Jay was first moved into leadership, which was almost a year ago, it was clear that he was hungry to help out and work as hard as possible to help the players and admins in the community to have a better experience - and he accomplished that. However, ever since Spare's promotion to senior manager, Jay has really stepped into his role, he has taken charge of several projects, he has made sure to establish a great connection with not just the ATs, but also the admins, and he is such a great team player within leadership. For all the time he has spent working on projects, for all the nights he has stayed awake for meetings, and for his general dedication, we would like to give a huge thank you. Please accept this diamond commendation as a token of appreciation for you and your hard work.

@Spare – Spare has been a long-time member of EdgeGamers, He first came in to join the Admin Training team where he Trained, provided rule explanations, and helped with CSGO rule changes. Showing his drive as an Admin Trainer he then becomes AT Manager and has been a manager since early 2021 since then has shown what a leadership member looks like. With his hard work and dedication shown as an Admin Trainer spare was then promoted to Senior Manager to help run the team. Spare has picked up the pace and shown that he can lead a team and provide them with advice and guidance. He continuously checks in on the leaders and answers any questions they may have and shows them the right path. He is someone who the players enjoy having on the servers because you know when you see his name join then it’s going to be a fun time. For this, we would like to thank spare with the Diamond Commendation.

@Trinity - Ever since becoming an Admin Trainer she has shown great dedication. She has trained admins that have become some of the best we have, she has enforced the rules on the servers, she has never been afraid to ask for help if she was ever in doubt, and she spent countless hours rewording rules and discussing new ones. She embodies a true leader, which is why we recently moved her into a leadership position, and now we want to award her with the diamond commendation. Thank you for pouring your knowledge and dedication into this community - it is an honor to work alongside you.

Please join us in congratulating These players for all the hard work and dedication he has put in to the community!​
yoooooooooooooooooooo this should be on the front page

congrats to all!
Thank you, I really appreciate it!
Congrats to everyone else yall really deserved it!
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Massive congrats to all of you guys. I don't have words to explain how deserved all of these awards are, but I'll go ahead and say that each and every one of you are a huge part of why EGO CS:GO leadership/AT Team is going in a really good direction. I look forward to the days to come with this leadership team, like frfr. Big thanks to all of you!
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Well deserved.

Especially me.

Jk jk but for real thank you so much for the commendation and everyone else had it a long time coming before me so I’m honored to see my name among the best
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