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Remember after a scrim stay till the server fills back up. Lots of e's and eG's left after the match. The higher ups DO NOT LIKE THIS. So please stay awhile.
yea if u guys could help keep the server full that would be cool, as wot is the point in paying for empty servers ?


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I had exams today and i didn't study last night because of the scrim, i told arti why i was leaving and could not stay after......


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If you must leave then just go to spec and we will kick you as the server fills back up. We pay attention to who the team players are ie: the e's and eG's who are always staying to help get the server back up. I know everyone has lives to live, all we ask is for you to stay for around 15-20 mins or just go to spec.

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i'm booked up from 9.30 to 11 everynight so i can't be there at that time i was there for like 15 mins then i had to leave...

but yeah spec is a good thing... i spec ava mainly like 4-5 am central time to 11 am everyday(my sleeping hours)

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i still played on the 3rd server even after the scrim but them comp crash (as usuall [it doesnt like me]) so decided not to get back on to anger the comp... i wish i coulda stayed longer