Thank You sopheyy!


Thank You sopheyy!

After having returned from her time off sopheyy was a storm when it came to getting work done. She became an Admin Trainer to help with rules, helping answer concerns and questions that the players may have had, and training new admins. She then moved to become a Server Specialist where she worked the best she could to get Surf from the bottom of the hill to the top. She was then promoted to manager of surf with the dedication and hard work that she put in. With the work she put in she was able to smash down bugs and issues that surf had such as fixing zones, adding new maps and then adding a brand new server which was the Advanced Surf server. She was an amazing manager who would go out of her way to help anyone that would ask for it, at the end of her reign she was even helping out other servers such as Jailbreak and TTT. She would always be happy to help others regardless if her schedule was already busy. For the hard work, dedication, and time she has put into making the community prosper we would like to congratulate @sopheyy with the Platinum commendation.


With this amazing news of her getting the award, it is sad to say that someone so dedicated has decided to step down from her duties as Surf Manager. When it came down to it she did the work and was reliable and trusted to get it done even on her own. She stepped in wherever it was needed and seeing someone like her go is a loss. Seeing as her run has come to an end we wish @sopheyy the best in her future and hope she succeeds in what she decides to pursue next.

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You did one DAMN fine job @sopheyy , and it will be hard for your spot to be filled.

To all the good moments, the bad, and the ugly, you will be sincerely missed :(

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Thank you for everything. As sad as this is I think this is more of a moment to appreciate all you have done for us here at EGO rather than be upset that you have decided to pursue forward with your own goals. We are all in charge of our own future and I respect that you seem to know what is best for yourself. You definitely have made unfaltering changes in this community that will maintain a long lasting ripple effect for much time to come. Best of wishes to your future!

"Once FBC, always FBC" - sopheyy
Will never forget that you said that to me lol