DDZ Resigns From Community Management


The Community Management comes with bittersweet news that DDZ will be stepping down from his position as Community Manager representing Counter-Strike. Dedicating his time to Leadership since late 2020, DDZ stepped up in responsibility by taking the role of CS Community Manager in May. He quickly got to work supporting his existing Managers and Senior Managers while also building up the team adding several new members in quick time. While still trying to get his grasps and find his way as a CM, DDZ didn't hesitate to mentor the Counter-Strike team ultimately setting them up for success far into the future.

We are sad to see him leave, but are grateful and fully confident in the CS team to continue the work they've been doing due to the strong leadership DDZ has provided in his tenure. Counter-Strike will continue to operate as it has been under the control of Belt & Spare with careful watch and support coming from the other Community Management team members.

On a more personal note, I want to thank DDZ for not hesitating to challenge our (and my) ways in his time as Community Manager. His contributions have made not only our organization better but also my operations as a leader better. I am sure I am not alone and many others may share the same feeling.

EdgeGamers thanks you, DDZ. We appreciate all of the hard work you have done.

@heidi | Writer: @Legend

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