Minecraft Vanilla 1.16 or 1.18? Minecraft server suggestion

Mr. Leprechaun

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I'd really love to play with everyone on a normal server. Having a world where everyone can go out, mine and build as they please instead of needing a currency or being unable to mine would be absolutely amazing.
A few plug ins for like new weapons or mobs, new enchantments, possible new terrain, and much more would be nice. Just the currency, unable to mine without buying things, makes it a harder way to play.
I'm personally a peaceful player that goes on and does my own thing, so I'd suggest griefing to NOT be allowed, or possibly a toggle for those who want it. PvP people not being able to attack those in Peace mode or something would be nice for those who enjoy the PvP.
If this were to be something, the nether portal would need some works because if someone is the first to build a portal, it would cause every other portal built after to make a return through the first portal when coming back to the overworld.
I'd prefer it to be 1.16 again due to the cave update not really being all that great, due to the large open caves limiting minerals, and causing heavy mob spawns, with slate and tuff filling the inventory even faster. Strip mining is limited, and not to mention the amount of underwater caves. They tend to get annoying very quickly. But if we can't do 1.16, I'll still happily play 1.18 and suck it up, lol.
I'm making this suggestion because being able to build and explore with friends the normal way is a very nice experience every time.
I hope this suggestion is taken!