The Community Outreach Team IS RECRUITING!


The Community Outreach Team IS RECRUITING!

Are you seeking an opportunity to help EdgeGamers grow? If so, you have the opportunity to shine by joining the Community Outreach Team (COT)!

Our community is always looking to improve, and COT is one of those ways we are utilizing. In short, the COT looks to recruit new members to EdgeGamers and retain those members by raising engagement across the community. This being done through helping people get more involved with events and other activities, thus raising engagement. Currently, you must be eG or higher to join the Community Outreach Team. Even if you aren't well-versed in the community, we still encourage you to apply to join the team to get more involved! So what are you waiting for?


For questions, concerns, or more information on the team reach out to @b t @TehRaddish @Karma @Martin or @Skle

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