Overwatch Advisor Promotions


Overwatch Advisor Promotions



The Overwatch Leadership Team is proud to announce two advisor promotions.
Here is some info and backstory about these two:

@kyle?? has been a part of eGO since early 2021 and has been on the AT and EC team. They've been a huge impact on the building and growth of the Overwatch Team with running countless events and training new admins every promotion wave.

@Rykes was the one who created and ran the Overwatch Team from the beginning. Shortly after leaving her position in Overwatch she became a huge part of eGO after taking the Community Manager of Member Experience position. She eventually wanted to take a step back, she has since joined the team again as an Advisor helping with AT and on our development team.

These two individuals have been a part of Overwatch for a very long time and have the potential to be a great pillar in the success of the Overwatch Team. We're glad to have them part of the team and can't wait for what the future has in store for these two.

@Alcha | Writer: @Star @Cinnamon Toast

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