Minecraft Cribs - THE MASTERPIECE (Rich Inc.)


Minecraft Cribs - THE MASTERPIECE (Rich Inc.)

We're proud to announce the next edition in the Minecraft Cribs series! Here you can watch as our crew takes you around Rich Inc. a base built by Rich himself. Come take a look around!

All bases that you see in this server were made on the official EdgeGamers Server! Join the Discord for more, or directly join the server with the following IP below:


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If you or someone you know has a crib that they would like to show off, let us know by replying to this thread.

Artist: @tyler | Writer: @Katiee | Video Editor: Elbow Removal Service Elbow Removal Service | Interviewer: @Lemon | Interviewee: sopheyy sopheyy
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I love these videos. I don't know much about Minecraft, I just like to farm in it lol. When I watch these videos, I'm always appreciative of the skills people possess to build things like this. Thanks to Rich and Company!

Best intro, best editors, best Media Team.
Sopheyy and Rich might've built all the farms. But imo, i built the most important part of the inside. The Walls :cool:

Great Video btw :D
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