Thank You, Grumpy Kitten!

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Thank you, Grumpy Kitten!

Few people have been as enthusiastic as Grumpy Kitten in any role, let alone a leadership role in our community. Countless times, he has organized fantastic events and proven their passion for the people that surround us. He has acted in a leadership role for almost a year in Member Services, and when the Events Team was established, he wasted no time taking a leading role in several major events. He has demonstrated keen insight and a clear eye for detail.

Unfortunately, Grumpy has decided to take a well-earned rest from the hustle and bustle of a leadership role. We thank him for his time and commitment to these roles. He will be sorely missed in both of his roles and the abundance of passion and knowledge Grumpy brought to the table. We can only hope for one thing: that you all continue to troll his competitive matches. We know you want to!

Thank you, Grumpy. For all the times we needed you and you jumped right in. You're a champion.

Thank you, @Grumpy Kitten

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