POLL: The Minecraft Identity, Cont.


Da Dawg Wit Da Budduh
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Hey blockheads,

Thanks to everyone who was able to come out to last night's Minecraft Square Table Meeting to discuss the future of our servers. We got many exciting perspectives and could reach a majority opinion about how we'll approach the Survival server on quite a few topics. What we've absolutely settled on is:
  • Economy
    • There will be an economy on the server.
    • Players will be able to make shops.
    • Shops won't necessarily be centralized, meaning players can pay to create a Player Warp, and the number you're allowed may depend on if you're a Pub, =(e)=, and your DS tier.
      • A channel will be made in our Discord where you will be allowed to advertise your product and for general transactional purposes.
    • Money will come from Voting and Events.
    • Voting will reward you with a flat reward as well as a Crate Key that will give you a random chance at a reward.
    • Scarce items, like elytra, dragon eggs, god apples, etc., will be available for purchase from an Admin Shop with an unlimited supply.
    • The Lottery plugin will not see a return on this map.
    • The Auction plugin will be returning.
    • God Items will be seeing a return, but with limits on certain enchantments.
  • mcMMO will be present.
  • The Scoreboard (information on the side of your screen) will be returning but will be off by default (if technically possible).
    • You, the players, will decide what information belongs on the scoreboard and how it's designed.
      • By extension, we must establish a brand for our server for absolute consistency.
  • Action Bar Titles (text that appears above your Hotbar every so often) will be returning if a suitable plugin can be found.
  • ClearLagg should be seeing a return to the server, assuming the plugin works in 1.19.2.
  • People who are AFK will be moved to a common spot on the server and will be indicated as AFK in the Tab menu.
  • There were various ideas for ways to incentivize DS and other transactions, all of which will be considered and may be implemented in the future.
  • Vote Parties will be held, where after a certain threshold of server votes, everyone is rewarded with extra money or items.
Because the vast majority of players present voted in favor of these measures, their existence on the servers will not be contested, but their individual qualities can be discussed for changes in the Suggestions forum when the server goes live.

While we would love to say we worked everything out in last night's meeting, there were a couple of contentious points we wanted to make as a poll in the forums to get a fuller picture. The two issues we're putting out to the whole community are:
  1. Should players be able to sell items to the admin shop to make more money beyond voting and events? If so, should what players can sell be limited, or should players be allowed to sell absolutely everything? Few things to keep in mind:
    1. The prices of sold items would not change through the lifetime of the server. They will remain constant unless Leadership absolutely has to intervene (which is what we aim to avoid having to do).
    2. The rate of inflation on the server will increase. Without selling, money can only be introduced by when you first join the server (fairly small starting balance), by voting, and by participating or winning at events. If players can sell items to the server, that's more money being introduced into the economy and it encourages players to simply grind for items to make their bank account bigger. We're aiming to avoid the "grind-set" from previous servers.
  2. Should items be a part of the prize pool for crates? I.e. when you open a crate, you would have a chance of receiving an item instead of money. Few things to keep in mind:
    1. Over the server's lifetime, as more crates are opened, the items in the crate would lose value and may begin to just spam your inventory.
    2. We would not increase the worth of the items in the crate. If we did this, the cycle would just repeat as everything slowly lost worth. We would need to choose from the start. Generally, the items would be good starter gear (e.g. an iron sword with unbreaking and sharpness, a fishing rod with lure and luck of the sea, etc.).
    3. We may add items that are considered end-game items in a standard Survival playthrough to the prize pool with an extremely low chance, but again, the quality of these good items would not increase over the server's lifetime.
With all of that in mind, please complete this form so that we can make a decision that will represent the majority of our Minecraft community. If you think you have a convincing argument for or against either of these things, please voice them in the comments of this thread! (Keep it civil or I'll kick you off my stage.)

Fill Out This Form: https://forms.gle/Sze4QKNCW3vF4egM8

Thank you for your unending support,
~ The Minecraft Leadership Team


Da Dawg Wit Da Budduh
Senior Manager
NOTE: the deadline for this poll will be a week from today, August 21st. At that time, I will post the summarized results of the poll publicly without any names attached. We'll move forward with whatever you all choose.


Da Dawg Wit Da Budduh
Senior Manager
The results are IN! Every response maintained a clear majority, so these results are final. Here is the summary:

  • We received 20 responses total.
  • Of these responses, 12 were from Minecraft, 3 were from CS, 2 were from GTA, 2 were from TF2, and 1 was from WoWS.
  • Of these responses, 2 were =(e)=, 1 was =(eG)=, 9 were =(eGO)=, 2 were Advisor, 4 were Manager, 1 was Senior Manager, and 1was Community Manager.
    • 1661098203976.png
  • Of these responses, 12 (60%)players voted in favor of allowing players to sell items to the Admin Shop.
    • 1661098220271.png
  • Of these responses, 17 (85%)players voted in favor of limiting what players could sell.
    • 1661098260398.png
  • Of these responses, 17 (85%)players voted in favor of items being a part of the prize pool for Crates.
    • 1661098282624.png
  • Of these responses, 13 (65%)players voted in favor of regular end-game gear being included in the prize pool for items in Crates for a very small chance.
    • 1661098294847.png
Based on these responses, we will allow players to sell items to an admin shop to make extra money, but these items will be limited. We will be polling the things you all want to be able to sell soon. In the meantime, keep in mind these items should not be something like stone or wood, they need to carry actual value and are very difficult, preferably impossible to farm, like diamond or netherite.
We will also be adding items to the prize pool for the crates and end-game gear will be a part of this prize pool for a small chance.

Thank you all for your responses! Keep an eye out for future threads!
~ The Minecraft Leadership Team
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