Announcement Thank you nonya


mad cuz bad
Senior Manager

We would like to extend our utmost gratitude to nonya as he has dedicated himself to improving and updating our servers. nonya began as a server specialist along with becoming an event coordinator. He even became the community spotlight member in September 2021. This ultimately led him to become recognized by the CS Leadership team where he would become our very first server specialist manager. He set the expectations on how to properly run the server specialist program. nonya was the manager behind the scenes tech-wise and up close and personal with our members. Unfortunately, he has decided to step down from his position. We cannot thank nonya enough for what he has accomplished within this community and we wish him the best for whatever his life brings him in the days following.

Notable Quotes:
“OMG cuh”
“I like that, like I really like that”
“Oh nah lil bro”
“Did you listen to the new Weeknd album”
“Check out my new fade”

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Jailbreak Connoisseur
@nonya thanks for everything dude. You seriously dedicated so much to our servers I feel like not enough people here truly understand how much work you've done.

You are the glue that connected admins and players from different parts of the community together. I think you really helped this community flourish in ways that can't even be described, and I like that.

Don't disappear my guy! ♥