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this is a project that we have been working on with couple of friends

if you guys can give me feedback about it it will be really appreciated

i'm the one who does the graphics no acting no other things so...
it may be bad except my part lol :p

just right click and save as...
trailer for our new project(21mb):
[link=hyperlink url][/link]
a movie that my friends made before i joined them i took place in the making of the last battle scene(100 mb - i know too much):
[link=hyperlink url][/link]
Jman, pres PLAY! lol

its GREAT! how did u get the laszers in the live footage?

GREAT work, wanta see some more, NOW! lol
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Can't open neither....take to some wierd text...

right click and save as...
hahaha dude we(well actually they) used green table cloth and covered the wall in his house and i just replaced the background...

right now i'm saving some money for a new pc because of rendering stuff it takes a long time... so with that one i'm gonna have: 2 laptops + 2 pc's in the house which 2 pc's will be rendering and i'll be playing dod on my laptops

the release date is set to be end of august - early september
wow keep us posted on how its going.....and yea I made a small war movie with some friends not as good as yours :( and the rendering took forever