Important Zombie Retirement


Da Dawg Wit Da Budduh
Senior Manager
Hey Blockheads,

We've got a sad announcement for you all today. On August 31st, the Zombie server will be taken down.

While this isn't an official announcement that Survival will come up that day, we are aiming for that as a release day so there is no period of time where there is no server for you all to play on. There is, however, a chance we don't meet that deadline and there is a downtime. In that event, we ask that you work with us during that time. We are aiming to bring you the best experience we can and that can take time.

As such, please take this time between now and then to get screenshots and record coordinates of your builds so you can find them later when we upload the world file to the forums (preferably before the provided date). Please keep in mind there will be no command for you to "go home", you'll have to navigate to everything yourself, so WRITE DOWN COORDS. We encourage you to share pictures of your builds with everyone else here:

If you have any questions or comments about the plan going forward, please express them in the comments of this thread.

Thank you,
~ The Minecraft Leadership Team