Thank You, MSWS


Thank You, MSWS

MSWS has been the backbone of eGO and his attention to detail and proactive attitude have been pivotal to every aspect of the community he touched. He stepped up to and beyond every task required and without him the community would not be the same. We appreciate the countless hours spent improving the servers. Thank you for your outstanding work and we wish you the best going forward.

We thank him for his contributions and award him with the Diamond Commendation.

"MSWS has supremely shown his worth in tech team since his promotion to Manager earlier this year. He has helped immensely in keeping our Counter-Strike servers in good shape as well as recently stepping in to help with onboarding, Team Fortress 2, and Minecraft. Through the ups and downs, MSWS was a vital member to the massive puzzle that is the tech team. Your technical skills and leadership capability are exactly what we like seeing in our members. Thank you for your outstanding work." - Andrew


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@MSWS Thanks for everything you've done for JB and CS and EGO as a whole. You've definitely been a member I've looked up to, and I wish you the best on all your future endeavors (knowing you, it will probably be something challenging so these wishes are more than necessary).

Jailbreak wouldn't be where its currently at without the amount of work and dedication you poured into it. Not only as a tech manager but we also considered you as a CS manager and valued your insight on every matter regarding CS.

I don't think I would have been as active as I am today if it wasn't for that. Words cant describe how much we appreciate what you brought to this community.

You will forever be an OG Jailbreak nerd. I hope to still see you hop in from time to time. Don't be a stranger :(