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lol puppets


go figure she gets "sick" and gets a get out of jail free card


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so basically because shes acting like a spoiled brat, she gets out of jail. unfair what money can buy


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lol I didnt even know she was in jail I am such a loser :(


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I hate Paris Hilton. Always have, always will. Disgrace to America.
I hate that woman/thing so much, this makes me so angry. My friend was dating this really stupid chick at college and one night at party when my friends and I were talking about how pumped we were that paris hilton was going to jail. This kids girlfriend got mad at us cause she likes paris. when we asked her why she answered,"because she is pretty and can party whenever she wants." Dead silence followed for about 5 seconds then insane laughter erupted til she left. keep in mind this is the same dumb girl who said that "george bush is only in iraq because he wants more money for his money loving family" in front of a college level government course.


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LOL! Ya got the money, ya buy a judge and whomever else you need.

The word "privilege" has the Latin roots of "private law". 'Nuff said.


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Nice addition Food Fight.
its been all over the radio here where i live and its getting a little retarded listing to these ppl getting all uppity over it lol

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meh , whats this world coming to

first Paris hilton , then freeing capture guerilla warfare "sigh"