Scam to be Wary of - Please Read & Spread Awareness


Good Afternoon Gamers,

Not sure if this is commonly happening to people or if it's happened to anyone else, but someone just tried it on me (little did they know of my military background in cyber security), so now I'm making this post to try and make more people aware of this method people are attempting to scam/hack with.

Basically, I got a friend request/PM from someone I had teamed with in game asking me if I wanted to play faceit (pretty sure that game is just the 128 tick version of comp in CS:GO) but yea it seemed pretty harmless until they sent me a link saying I had to signup on a website and link my steam account there. After they did this I googled faceit and discovered that the link they had sent me was completely different from the official link I had manually searched to register. I then messaged them back that link and said "thats the real 1 btw" and then blocked them (forgot to report sadly). Remember that scammers can come at you a million different ways, many of which will seem either appealing/harmless, but the main red flag that no one should ever do is click a random link from anyone they don't know, even if it looks official, and especially if they ask you to input or link any type of account info. Creating fake web pages that keylog your account info isn't that difficult with a bit of experience, and is likely the most commonly used tactic to hijack a steam account. People will also probably try to sweeten you up a bit by saying you're good at the game or w/e else they might say to socially engineer you into trusting them. Should also be really wary and skeptical of players on your friends list as well because in the event that 1 of your friends gets hacked, the hacker will abuse your trust in that person to spread the phishing site, leading to even more victims. I know several people who have gotten hacked this way, and most people fall for it because they received a message from their friend, but REMEMBER it's not guaranteed to actually be them, so do whatever you must to verify them before anything else. If you have any questions or just wana share a way someone has tried to hack you feel free, but other than that please stay smart and keep your account safe. Thanks for reading and have a good rest of your day!

Account Security Tips:
  • 2 factor authentication on both your steam account (steamguard mobile authenticator) and your registered email address.
  • 15 character minimum alpha-numeric password on email/steam (these should not be the same, change every 90 days at least to be extra safe).
  • Never click links from strangers. if you get link from friend I recommend asking some questions only they would know just to be safe, and even then I'd still be careful. (I'd personally look into the websites CA Certificate info, most dummy sites cannot be properly verified to receive any type of verification from a CA).
  • Report/Block any account that attempts to scam you.
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Yes if you have to log in to an account through a link someone sent you it's always smart to be suspicious and do your research before inputting any log-in information!


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Something you should be mindful of is how these scams work. Assuming you press on the link and decide to try to link your steam account, a popup window with a steam URL will show as well as the appropriate boxes, but the thing you'll notice is that it's fake.

When the steam has its popup box, it can be moved around from monitor to monitor as well as maximized, but the fake one will be bound inside the browser box and can't be moved outside of it.

Just a tip in case you're skeptical about other sites.


Best thing to do like you say is navigate to the website yourself and avoid the link. If it does look 'legit' or it's a website your unfamiliar with, you can always use URL VOID (google it) to check it's reputation and other various details.