revert the climb on oasis to its original form

revert the climb on oasis to its original form

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on oasis the climb was made easier by adding low grav to the jump most people struggled on (because they suck) and it ruins the fun of the climb because that jump was the only reason the climb was hard but they made it SUPER EASY and ruined it.


Where as I agree it's probably a little too easy now, climb as a standard game should not be only possible for the few players who can do long jumps. There were days I could easily make the gap, and days where for the life of me I couldn't.

To add to that, I think the jump being as hard as it was contributed to climb hardly being played on OASIS and since the changes it's becoming more popular. Climb has always been about completing it before the time runs out or the specified amount of Ts finish so even though it is easier, it's still a challenge to survive it.

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I have 42 days on JailBreak and I would say that I am surely above average in terms of KZ/any other JB games. I have never made that jump. Just saying people need to get gud is stupid because the jump is still way too hard even for me.
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The reason the climb was changed was because the majority of people could not make it. Even myself (a kz god warlord), would sometimes struggle making it. Just as @MontyPilon said, climb should be more about how fast you can complete it and not only allow a few players to survive because they are better and strafing. I'm not saying all climbs should be easy, but especially for the 3rd jump of a climb, it should not be that hard. You have to think about it from the average JB player who could never make that, so they just end up dying which is no fun.


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I prefer the original version but its more fair for everyone to ease this climb (still voted Yes because it was a free win :3)