[Sept 10th] Back to School Royal Rumble!

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Back to School Royal Rumble! [September 10th]

School has started back, so let out some of your frustrations by battling it out at the September Royal Rumble.

This event consists of Leadership members battling it out against members for the ultimate bragging rights. Last time the leadership won, so it’s time for the members to try to take back the prize. Join us on September 10th, We will be starting right after the community-wide meeting. Join us for an extremely fun event and a chance to win some great prizes!

Only 2 Engineers Per Team (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Only 2 Medics Per Team (NO EXCEPTIONS)

You MUST Be In Discord.

The server for the event will have a password, and you will not be given the password unless you are in the Discord. A Royal Rumble also relies a lot on teamwork, so losing because you have no communication with your team (due to you not being in the Discord) is not fun for anyone. Leadership will be in one channel, and members will be in TF2 Events channel. A few minutes before the event starts, a member of LE will join the Event channel and give you the password. The event will start promptly as possible after the community wide meeting so zip right over to the Event channel.

This event is one of our most popular, and many people from our different games come to participate. If you get dominated while the member side is full and people are waiting, you must leave the server, so it gives another person a chance to participate in the Royal Rumble. You ARE allowed to rejoin after being dominated, but if you do not leave you will be kicked from the server. But if the members’ side is not full, you will not have to leave if dominated.

Winning conditions:
The winner is the team with the most wins at an hour after the start.

-The side that wins gets to pick the next map.
-There will be prizes for all who post screenshots of their dominations, so get ready to punch F5 or F12 or whatever key you have screen shots set as. There will be a post in the TF2 forum that will have the title: September Royal Rumble - Post Dominations Here. Everyone who posts will get a prize that will be selected randomly from the pool below (We'll add more stuff to the pool if needed):

Prize Pool:
$25 Amazon gift card
$25 Steam gift card
4 - $10 Steam gift card (one per person
everyone will also get one cosmetic or other goodie from our stash

Swashbuckled War Paint
3 - The Festivizer (one per person)
Candy Crown (all class)
2 - Indubitably Green paint (one per person)
Mann Co. Orange paint
2 - Noble Hatter's Violet paint (one per person)
Killstreak Huo-Long Heater
(we have more, so we will add more if more people than this post)

For the one lucky member who posts a domination on DrkChocolate:
Signed Hat Chocolate (all class)

For the one lucky member who posts a domination on PastryFoxy:
Strange Signed Australium Tomislav

Art: @Typical | Writing: @ TF2 Leadership!

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