Zombie Event in WoW Classic...


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I'm in a server that has about 9000 players or so, and Stormwind is empty, Iron Forge is empty, Shat is mostly empty with the exception of the people AFK in Aldor and Scryer Inn's. Can't do mining or herbalism because people are farming while the cities are under attack. Can't do BG's because the battlemasters in all the major cities are being invaded every few seconds with another zombie. Can't do dailies because the quest givers are dead from the zombies.

So what have you been doing in WoW classic?


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haha just read this, i was apart of that event was lovely im using a high full server everyday with at least 1 min que time :) EU was fun gearing a rogue from pvp all day except when you get killed by 1k zombies in shatt