Done With CSS + EGO Dust 2 Server Sadly


I made one post
Hello Everyone
I've enjoyed CSS for a while and I love the EGO Server and the community and everyone is great.
Lately I just haven't been having fun lately, more so feeling raged at times and I don't play games to rage so gonna take a step back for a while. Plus so many people in EGO, no accusations, just my personal opinion, seem like they can see through smokes and its honestly the most annoying thing ever and the half blossoming smokes. Still love you all, will be around the forums if y'all need me <3 Playing GTA V and Valorant if you ever wanna join feel free to message me here or add me on Steam

New Day ---> New Mindset
Sorry was just raging yesterday Lmfao
Not going B Site anymore though haha
But I'll be playing
We all are addicted to CSS
No matter how much we wanna leave we crave the game :)
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