Thank You, DeerFat!


Thank You, DeerFat!

If you've spent some time in EdgeGamers, you know of DeerFat.

Since joining back in 2019, the DeerFat train has been at full speed. With some roadblocks along the way, DeerFat quickly used his memey attitude and personality to win everyone over and earn him the chance of stepping up the ladder, all the way to Media Leadership. If you can name a specialty team, DeerFat was a big part of it. Having one foot everywhere, he rose above expectations countless times and continued to deliver not only on his word, but on his sentences as well. Thank you for everything you have done and given the community, and we hope to see you back in and around the community sometime soon.

heidi & webby - "As Community Managers for Media Team, you are easily one of the hardest and most exceptional leadership members that we have gotten the chance to work with. Thank you for bringing a breath of fresh air with you into Media LE, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors! :B"

Thank you, DeerFat.

Writing: @webby | Art: @DeerFat

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EGO Is My Life!
Thank you DeerFat, amazing person, and a joy to be around, I loved playing with you. Hopefully we'll still be counting to a million together.


Sphynx cats > Regular cats
You will be missed my friend. Looking forward to still gaming with you


The Art of War
No. My profile picture in discord is based off a meme you created. ;(

Don’t be a stranger !!!


Never going to forget the cs event abusing all those years ago, will really miss you Deer.

Daddy Succ

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