Team Fortress 2 Rundown!

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Team Fortress 2 Rundown!

For our latest and greatest edition of game rundowns, let's take a look at Team Fortress 2. We'll fill you in on any upcoming events so you don't miss out on the fun. We also have the scoop on all the updates recently, ranging from server updates to admin promotions. For the icing on the cake, we have some interviews with TF2 leadership to see their goals and some plans for the future of the game. Without further ado, let's pick a class and jump into it!

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With the recent crackdown on cheating bots by Valve on official servers. The TF2 player base has been rising and the team here at Edgegamers has been working diligently to create an even more welcoming and enjoyable experience for these new players on our servers. Some changes coming soon include:

Customization and revamp of the roll-the-dice system
Saxton Hale added to the Edgegamers event server
Dedicated supporter bonuses added to the events server
Dedicated supporter only killstreak plugins

To learn more; stay tuned on forums and be on the lookout for more surprise changes coming soon!

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Interviewee: @Jeff7890110
What are some of the long-term goals/plans your game is hoping to accomplish in the future?

One of the long-term goals we have inside TF2 is trying to achieve the top 100 servers in the world for TF2. We have gotten close to having the top 100, but we will try to get all the servers to the top 100.
Another goal we have is to make a server that is enjoyable for everyone to come on and play regardless of experience level, hours, or even gameplay. We try to allow the community to enjoy the atmosphere we provide.

Are there any large events your game is planning? (If not)

Right now the largest event we are trying to organize is the next royal rumble and possibly another event that strives to get activity on the servers.

What events would you like hope to organize in the future?

I'm really not an event person, but we are planning on trying to organize a very cool event where all players of all ages can participate and enjoy themselves on the discord, and the game servers.

Anything at all you would like to add?

I would like to add, please go try TF2. TF2 is a free game that most people have tried before, go download it and at least give it a try.

What makes you happy in this community that makes you come back & do the things you do?

One of the things that I really like about this community is the friendships, conversations, and overall atmosphere in the community. Anyone can get on and play, regardless of their age, and gameplay experience.

What are some of the highlight moments in the community that you can look back on today & still laugh about?

One of my fondest memories was actually when I first joined eGO from pG (Prestige Gaming) after the merger. I joined the Team Speak 3 channels and was talking to some of the leadership members of TF2 about becoming an admin trainer, and the leadership team assumed I was trying for the position of manager, and they said to come back in a couple of months. I was like, huh? Then I explained just the admin trainer position, and it got approved almost instantly. About three months later, I was at my grandparent's house, and I get a message to join the Discord/Team Speak 3 server. I was told I was reported for being abusive and was shown a music video. I was then promoted to admin training manager back in 2019.

Interviewee: @DrkChocolate
What makes you happy in this community that makes you come back & do the things you do?

Our values, the fact that we uphold them, and the great people we have here.

What events would you like to hope to organize in the future?

Now that we are getting more event coordinators, I mainly want more events happening. I like my coordinators doing events that they enjoy doing. I want them to have as much fun as those of us playing it are having. By allowing them to experiment, we can come up with fun new ways to have events.

What are some of the long-term goals/plans your game is hoping to accomplish in the future?

We hope to build TF2 to the point where the execs will allow us to open up a fourth server with some rotating maps and more geared toward goal and team oriented play instead of the death match that our current servers are set up to encourage.

Are there any large events your game is planning?

Since TF2 is not that large, we do not have too many large events. Until very recently, we did not have very many event coordinators. We have several now in training and more who have expressed interest. Our biggest events at the moment are the Royal Rumble and Karaoke Night. Both of these are open to all members TF2 or not. The Royal Rumble is members vs. leadership and as I said that’s members from all games vs leadership from all games. Depending on how many show up, it can get rather intense because the team that wins has bragging rights until the next one. We also give out some nice prizes just for dominating a member of leadership. A Domination is a reward granted to players who kill, or assisting in killing, one particular opponent four times without said opponent killing or assisting in a kill against the player in the process. The game happens right after the community wide meeting. The Karaoke Night happens roughly every 3-4 months in Discord. There is one happening this Friday. You can sing or just listen. It’s up to you. We have some really good singers in the community including the ones that run this event.

Anything at all you would like to add?

TF2 is free, not a large download, and a lot of fun, so come play with us. We may be an old game, but we’re still in the top 10 Steam games ranked by number of people playing. We’re not dead yet!

What are some of the highlight moments in the community that you can look back on today & still laugh?

During a Blackmesa night, I was being my annoying self and kept infesting the other side’s base, until one of my friends on the other team yelled, “you little cockroach!” after being killed by sentry gun several times in several different places. I thought it was hilarious and adopted the nickname. Too many of our members have learned it’s best to shoot the cockroach engie on sight if spotted near their base….sigh.
Another night a bunch of us decided to raid peoples Twitch streams and convince them to eat mustoreos. That was hilarious watching their reactions to the taste! One lady drove to the store while streaming to get Oreos. I don’t think she should have been driving, but she made it there and back.

One night on the 2Fort server we had at least half(if not more) of our team as engineers and all set up in the intel room and having a party….the other team’s intel room…hehe.

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Prop hunt - September 28 @ 9pm EST
All players are welcome to attend! A group of people will be assigned hiders. Their objective is to disguise themselves as a prop on the map and survive. Another group of people will be seekers. They are let out after a short amount of time to hunt down the hiders.

Karaoke night - September 30 @ 9pm EST
All members are welcome to attend! Karaoke is pretty simple - just show up, sing, and listen.

Blackmesa - Every Sunday @ 9pm EST
All players are welcome to attend! Players will be split into two even teams. The objective is to take control of 5 points on the map. This gamemode is intense, and can flip back and forth between the two teams before one team finally takes control of all five points.

Now of course everyone is asking, "Where can I get information of upcoming TF2 events?" You can always use the TF2 section of the forums, discord, and even a steam group!

What eGO supported game/team would you like us to highlight next?
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Really well put together interviews and update! I'm excited to see where this fourth server idea goes and if the killstreak plugin is good enough, I might consider getting DS :D