Overwatch 2 Launch Event


Overwatch 2 Launch Event
To celebrate the retirement of Overwatch 1 and the release of Overwatch 2 the OW Event Coordinator team will be hosting events for 4 days in a row!
All events will be hosted in the EGO Overwatch Discord.​

October 1st (Saturday): PUGs/Minigames 7 pm EST
PUGs are pick-up games in Overwatch, with two captains, 6v6 teams, and a whole lotta fun. We will be switching up teams after each game.

October 2nd (Sunday): Server Fill Noon EST
Overwatch servers are scheduled to go down sometime Sunday.
We will spend the day playing Overwatch until the servers go down. After that, we can play other games.

October 3rd (Monday): Party Games 8 pm EST
Since Overwatch servers are down we will spend Monday evening playing party games.
Party games include games like Garctic Phone, Jackbox, and Skribblio. We'll play whatever everyone wants.

October 4th (Tuesday): Overwatch 2 release! All-day
If everything goes smoothly we'll spend the day playing Overwatch 2.

$40 Value
We will be giving away a free copy of the Overwatch Watchpoint pass. This pass includes access to the following:
☆ 2 exclusive legendary skins
☆ 2000 Overwatch 2 virtual currency
☆ Exclusive player icon
☆ All of the Overwatch Legendary Edition perks

The winner will be decided by raffle. You will automatically earn 1 entry for each event you attend.
This means that you can earn a maximum of 4 entries into the raffle.
You can also earn an entry just by attending the Overwatch Community meeting! (Details below)

The winner will be announced shortly after October 4th​

Overwatch Community Meeting
It's time for another Overwatch Community meeting! At this meeting, we will discuss our plans for Overwatch 2, promotions, and more!
Be sure to stop by and earn a spot in the raffle.

Meeting Date & Time: Sunday, October 2nd. @ 5pm EST

Art: @Alcha | Writing: @Wahtur @EDisch222

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