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Check this out. On October 2nd, 2006, me and my friend Joe waited outside a building in Franklin for five hours in hopes of catching a glimpse of The Rock, who was filming "The Game Plan" inside. He finally did make an appearance, signed a bunch of autographs, shook my hand, etc. It was f***ing awesome, to sum it all up in a couple words. Theres a thread I made a few days after it with a bunch of pictures if anyone wants to search for it lol.

Anyway, yesterday Joe told me to go to Boston.com, click "Movies Shot in Boston", and to keep clicking the "Next" button until I got to the game plan. So, I did, and I couldn't believe what I saw! The only picture that is currently involved in this movie has half of my head in it! That's me on the right handing him a piece of paper to sign, and my friend Joe on the left. Pretty cool.

That's me on the right handing him a piece of paper to sign, and my friend Joe on the right.
If both of you are on the right (one must be behind the other's head), who's the dude on the left?

Just kidding ! :)
Lol Red...didn't notice that. Fixed.

The car was a $480,000 Mercedes something...forget the rest of the name.



i saw britney spears in person once, if that matters at all...it was at an airport in hawaii. back when she was still looked young and semi-talented. B)
i beat you all
i saw Natalie Portman in manhattan white filming with Jude Law
she is the most beautiful girl ever!
saw her in canal street!!
agree with baron, natalie portman is very good looking, but keira knightley. thats my future wife. stand back orlando bloom and your "good looks"
I'm related to a famous finnish singer....have met our best tennis player, have his autograph, plus met one of our best pianist players(a tv person,though) plus met some of our best athletees :) Go finns.
I once saw the asian pizza delivery guy from Ninja Turtles at a Tae Kwon Do tournament in New York City!! I also Saw Jay Leno driving his Harley.

but no hot famous chicks.. :(
Ha, now that I think about it, I saw that guy from Orange County Choppers with the white handlebar moustache driving some sick custom chopper in Lake George, N.Y. last year. He's the father who's always yelling at people. Forget his name...

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