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Media Leadership Changes and Updates

Media Promotions!
We are proud to welcome @Sloths and @Moto Moto to the Leadership Team. Through their tremendous work as advisors, they have both shown dedication and passion towards making not only Media but the community better! Also, make sure to congratulate @Immaculate for working diligently and being brought up to Sr. Manager!

We are sad to announce that Jynx has stepped down from his position of Sr. Manager here in Media. Please thank him for everything he's done, especially for jump-starting the EdgeGamers TikTok. It was a pleasure working alongside you!

Projects are still and constantly will be rolling! Some of the featured content you can find on Breaking News consist of the following;
  • Game Overviews
  • Themed Art
  • Meet The Leadership
  • Frags of the Month
  • Community Updates

Media is ALWAYS open to new ideas. If you, or someone you know, has an idea for a project we could pursue on Breaking News, please feel free to let any of the members of Media LE know. You can find a list of Media LE at the bottom of this post.

As well as new ideas, Media is ALWAYS open for recruitment! If you have an interest in being a creative part of this community, feel free to apply at any time! You can find out more information by FOLLOWING THIS LINK.

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Media LE
@webby || @heidi || @Immaculate || @aspen || @Sloths || @Moto Moto

Art: @Ric | Writing: @webby

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The Art of War
Just an off topic reminder:

You don’t have to be a pro to join the Media Team. As long as you have passion for creating things, everything can be taught and refined in time. When @heidi let me join, I had basic video editing skills and no photoshop skills. Now I’m an artist and a video editor.

We’re all a team and if you’re interested, we’d love you to join us on our mission to make EdgeGamers beautiful.