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EdgeGamers has crafted a 1.19 Paper Minecraft Survival server to provide an enjoyable, family-friendly, punk-free, collaborative experience for all. Our Survival server can be enjoyed as a vanilla multiplayer server, and there are several features available to make your experience feel enchanted. An events server is also in the making, which will have single-player games (think dropper and maze) along with multi-player games (think anvil drop and virus). When there is a new release, we will be committed to updating the server as quickly as possible so that you can continue to enjoy Survival and Events. We look forward to seeing you in your preferred Minecraft skin!

Check Out the Server

Java Server Address:
Supported Version:
coming soon

While this is a classic game of survival, our server has additional features. Level-up your skills and gain new abilities with McMMO. Purchase some insane enchanments at spawn. Use Mineworld to obtain infinite resources while keeping the overworld beautiful. Protect your home in the overworld by setting a claim and a home teleport. The more you play, the more claim blocks you get, the more you can build! If you fancy taking part in the economy, set up a shop to buy or sell, and rent a player warp to attract customers. Browse the player warp list to buy from other players. There are some rare items at spawn that you can purchase with your profits, too! When you vote, you can also make money and redeem Vote Crate Keys for free items! Solo or with a group of friends, go wild with your imagination in our Survival server.

Join our discord to chat with other players, get the latest updates, and participate in other fun activities!

Meet the Team!

If you have any questions, reach out to one of our leaders or specialty team members.
Tea "BeeMoreTea"
Minecraft Senior Game Manager

Minecraft Senior Manager

GrumpyCatJen "GrumpyCatJen"
Minecraft Senior Manager

Jamboree_Lee "Jamboree_Lee"
Minecraft Event Coordination Manager

Goosesk "Goosesk"
Minecraft Support Manager
Minecraft Event Coordinator

Pikaslack "Pikaslack"
Minecraft Admin Training Manager

SoupyJr "SoupyJr"
Minecraft Build Team Advisor
Minecraft Event Coordinator

BIG_A_0501 "BIG_A_0501"
Minecraft Recruit Advisor
Minecraft Event Coordinator

Vers "Version12"
Minecraft Admin Trainer Advisor

Coopdog "Coopdog55"
Minecraft Event Coordinator

HopeFull "_HopeFull"
Minecraft Event Coordinator

CwiiiiispyBOI "CwiiiiispyBOI"
Minecraft Event Coordinator

Minecraft Rules

For the best experience on our server, please abide by our simple rules.
  1. All standard EGO Code of Conduct rules apply.
  2. Do not spam chat.
  3. Exploitation with texture packs/mods/macros are not permitted.
  4. Exploiting game/plugin mechanics or flaws are not permitted.
  5. Strobing redstone circuits are not permitted. Use on/off switches.
  6. Trusted players’ griefs are not enforceable (no action may be taken)
  7. Alternate accounts should not give you an advantage over other players.
  8. Build 3 chunks away from player builds unless you have permission.
  9. Do not hackusate.
  10. Skins must be PG-13 and follow EGO code of conduct, no genitalia or ‘pedo bear’ skins.

Features & Commands

General Server Information
  • /rules - See server rules.
  • /discord - Get our Discord invite link
  • /list - See list of players in-server.
  • /vote - Get a list of websites to vote for our server and get rewarded!
  • /voteshop - With all your votes, gain additional diamond rewards!

  • /me [text] - like an emote, ex: /me thinks you're awesome!
  • /r [text] - reply to your most recent pm.
  • /msg [name] [text] - Private message a player.
  • /ad [text] - Use to communicate to the admins any server concerns (server lag, rule breakers, etc.)
  • /togglescoreboard - Toggle on/off the scoreboard

Getting Around the Server
  • /mineworld - Takes you to the mineworld to collect your materials and mine, mine, mine!
  • /spawn - Teleport to the main world spawn (aka. overworld) where the community builds homes, bases, and whatever else they wish to build and claim. (Please keep the overworld looking good).
  • /rtp - Randomly teleport to a safe area in the world you are in.
  • /tpa [name] - Request to teleport to a player.
  • /tpahere [name] - Request a player to teleport to you.

Create Claims to Protect your Builds
  • Use a golden shovel to set the opposing corners of your claim or to resize an existing claim.
  • /Claimlist – See claim blocks owned, claims, and their coordinates.
  • /AbandonClaim - Delete the claim you are standing in and recover the claim blocks.
  • /Trust - Allow specific players access to your claim (careful who you trust).
  • More commands can be found HERE, and you may not have access to all.

Set a Custom Home Teleport (for your use only)
  • Stand in the location you wish to set a spawn for your home teleport.
  • /sethome [name] – Create a home teleport within your claimed land.
  • /delhome [name] – Delete a home teleport.
  • /home [name] – Teleport to your specific home.
  • You may not be able to make more than one home teleport. Scroll to the bottom to see how you can gain additional home teleports.

Set a Custom Player Warp (for all players)
  • Stand in the location you wish to set a teleport for other players.
    • Great for attracting customers to your shop, inviting guests to your home, or for any other fun activity you can think of! Pixel art, compliments board, helping hands, etc.
  • /pw set [name] – Create a player warp within your claimed land.
  • /pw reset [name] - Move the warp to the new location you are standing.
  • /pw remove [name] - Removes your player warp.
  • /pw category [name] [category] - Put your warp in one of these categories: farms, houses, other, pvp, shops
  • /pw desc set [name] [description] - Create a short description of the warp.
  • /pwinfo or /pw open - Opens a GUI for you to navigate and see the available warps.
  • /pw icon set [name] - Set the item in your hand to the warp icon.
  • /pw [name] - Teleport to the named player warp.

The RPG-like Experience (McMMO)
  • /mcstats - Provides the list of skills and your current levels for each
  • /[skill] - Shows your skill level, sub-skills, and other stats (Visit the WIKI for more details)
  • /mctop [skill] - Shows the top players in the skill specified
  • /mcrank - Provides a list of skills and your rank for each compared to others
  • /mcmmo:party create [partyname] - Create a new party for players to join
  • /mcmmo:party invite [playername] - Invite a player to join the party (can only be in 1 party)
  • /mcmmo:party accept - Accept an invite to join a party
  • /mcmmo:party info - See information on the party you are currently in
  • /pc [message] - Sends a private message to the party you are currently in
  • /mcmmo:party quit - Leave the party you are currently in
  • /mcmmo:party [leadername] [playername] - Transfers ownership of the party
  • /mcmmo:party disband - Disbands or deletes the party
  • /mcmmo:party help - See more commands available

God-like Enchanments
  • Visit the shop in spawn to apply some god-like enchantments to your tools, weapons, and armor.
  • Make sure you follow the instructions to avoid expensive mistakes.

eGO Approved Client Mods

For the best experience on our server, please limit your use of client mods. This list is approved by EdgeGamers for players to use with on our Survival Server. If you have a mod that to suggest be added to this list, please create a SUGGESTION THREAD.

  • 5Zig
  • Ambient Sounds 2.0
  • AppleSkin
  • Armor Status
  • Better Foliage
  • BetterFPS
  • Dual Hotbars
  • Durability Show
  • Effect Status
  • GammaBright
  • GooglyEyes
  • HudPixel
  • Hwyla
  • InventoryTweaks
  • JEI
  • JourneyMap
  • Light Level Overlay Reloaded
  • Light Overlay
  • Lithium
  • More Overlays
  • Neat
  • Not Enough Items
  • Optifine
  • Phospher
  • Rei's Minimap
  • Replay Mod
  • Schematica/Litematica
  • Shaders
  • Sodium
  • Sound Filters
  • ToroCraft's Damage Indicators
  • Waila
  • Waila Harvestability
  • Wawla
  • Xaeros Minimap
  • Xaeros WorldMap
  • Zan's Minimap
  • Zoomify

Support the Server
If you enjoy playing on this server with your friends and family, please consider supporting the server.

  • Become a Member - Join the community and gain access to our other game servers and special perks. It's free to JOIN.
  • Recruit - Invite your friends and family to the server, or provide a warm welcome to any new players on the server. You will be recognized for anyone you recruit.
  • Vote - Use the /vote command in the server to get a list of websites to vote on. Consider VOTING for our other servers, as well. It is free, and it helps spread the word to others!
  • Donate - We do not expect everyone to donate. Unfortunately, keeping this server running does cost money IRL. If you are willing and able, please consider becoming a DEDICATED SUPPORTER and get exclusive rewards across all game servers. If you are already a DS, learn HOW TO USE YOUR DS PERKS.

Perks for Dedicated Supporters

List of PerksNon-MemberMember
Silver DS
Gold DS
Platinum DS
Royal DS
Colored Chat [Click Here for Wiki]NoNoYesYesYesYes
DS Tag [Automatic]NoNoYesYesYesYes
Colored Nickname [Set in MAUL]NoNoYesYesYesYes
Player Time Command [/playertime *]NoNoYesYesYesYes
Player Weather Command [/playerweather *]NoNoYesYesYesYes
Hat Command [/hat]NoNoYesYesYesYes
Workbench Command [/craft]NoNoYesYesYesYes
Enderchest Command [/ec]NoNoYesYesYesYes
Colored Signs [Click Here for Wiki]NoNoYesYesYesYes
Elevator & Warp Signs [Click for More Info]NoNoYesYesYesYes
Vote Cash Rewards$200$200$1,000$2,000$5,000$10,000
Vote Item Rewards1 Key1 Key5 Keys10 Keys25 Keys50 Keys
Home Teleports Allowed137143060
Shops Allowed5103060150300
Player Warps Allowed01361530

Thank you!


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