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︾︽︾︽︾︽ Welcome to the EdgeGamers Minecraft Server ︽︾︽︾ - minecraft_PNG81.png

Java/Bedrock Server Address:
Supported Version: 1.20.4 Port: 25565

Our Minecraft Survival server is packed with features to enhance your gameplay experience. The McMMO system adds depth with skill-based progression. Benefit from the convenience of home teleports and player warps. Protect your builds with claims and enhance them with the help of elevator signs and a vast heads database. Our mine worlds provide nearly infinite resources for endless exploration. Tap in to the thriving economy with player shops, community chests, and the admin shop. Unlock surprises with crate keys and use the mailroom for seamless player communication and item sharing. Challenge your skills in the PvP arena. Diversify your gameplay with pocket games. Express your style with a variety of cosmetics and mounts, and have fun with unique abilities like sitting, crawling, spinning, and even sitting on other players.

On the Minecraft Events server, enjoy various games available anytime, alongside scheduled events that bring the community together for fun and rewards. Access it using the portal in survival spawn.​

︾︽︾︽ Server Rules ︽︾︽︾
︾︽︾︽ Server Gameplay ︽︾︽︾
●No disrespect towards other players.
●Harassment of other players is prohibited.
●No cheating, scripting or exploiting of any kind.
●Don't disrupt server functions through excessive
swearing, spamming, trolling and purposeful griefing.
●Avoid political, religious, news, societal, and other inappropriate conversations.
●Recruiting and advertising is prohibited.
Build,Farm,Play in the overworld
Mine and Explore in the various mine worlds
Compete in the PVP Arena or Events server
Socialize at spawn or anywhere really
Be Creative with heads and custom armor stands
Respect players: leave other builds untouched, build 3 chunks away, and keep it PG-13
●Avoid strobing redstone which lags the server
︾︽︾︽ Vote Rewards ︽︾︽︾
︾︽︾︽ Donate ︽︾︽︾
FREE Vote Crate Keys with each vote
/vote List of voting sites and time of last vote
/voteshop Use voting points to get FREE diamonds
EdgeGamers offers free-to-play servers and
are funded soley from donations and the store.
Our administration is made up of volunteers.
Without donations, we could not continue to
run our servers. Consider making a one-time
donation, subscribe for as little as $5 per month,
or shop our store for less! Click HERE for more
information! Click HERE to shop!
︾︽︾︽ Crate Keys & Boosts ︽︾︽︾
︾︽︾︽ Perks for Members ︽︾︽︾
/crazycrates Opens crate menu
Crate Keys Open crates for items of different rarities
McMMO Boosts Help level up faster
Potion Effects 30 to 60 minutes of a specific effect
●Benefits all players on the server at purchase
●Funds EdgeGamers free-to-play servers
●Click HERE to shop!
●Members get an enhanced playing experience,
like multiplayer pocket games, cosmetics, and
armor stand editor. Click HERE to join for FREE!
●Eligible for earning AWARDS on our forums
●Dedicated supporters get even more game perks
●See table below for all the perks!

List of Perks
DS ($5)
DS ($10)
DS ($25)
DS ($50)
Ad-Free Forums
Dedicated Supporter Forum Ribbon & Award
Customizable Forum Title
Dedicated Supporter Rank in edgegamers Discords
Customizable name color in main eGO Discord
Temporary Custom Voice Channels in edgegamers Discord
Other Game Server Perks: Click HERE
Vote Item Rewards (Each Vote)
2 Key​
4 Keys​
4 Keys​
4 Keys​
4 Keys​
4 Keys​
Home Teleports
Player Warps [/pw]
Heads: Alphabet Shop, Blocks Shop [/headdb]
Pocket Games: Single Player, Spectate [/pg]
Armor Stand Editor: Equipment, Toggle Arms, Toggle Base, Toggle Size [/ase help]
Bellyflop Command [/bellyflop]
Cosmetics: Morphs, Pets, etc. [/cosmetics]
Crawl Command [/crawl]
Heads: Animals Shop, Decoration Shop, Food & Drinks Shop, Plants Shop [/headdb]
Lay Command [/lay]
Mailbox Skins [/mailbox open]
Pocket Games: Multi Player [/pg]
Sit Command [/sit]
Sit Toggle [/sittoggle]
Trash Command [/trash]
Armor Stand Editor: Movement, Rotation,
Copy, Paste, Rename, Toggle Armor Stand
Glow Gravity, Toggle Armor Stand Visibility, Toggle Gravity, Toggle Item Frame Visibility
[/ase help]
Colored Chat [HOW TO]
Colored Nickname [Set in MAUL]
Colored Signs [HOW TO]
DS Tag
Elevator & Warp Signs [HOW TO]
Enderchest Command [/ec]
Hat Command [/hat]
Heads: Humanoid Shop, Humans Shop, Miscellaneous, Monsters [/headdb]
Player Time Command [/playertime *]
Player Weather Command [/playerweather *]
Sit on Players [/playersit]
Sit on Players Toggle [/playersittoggle]
Spin Command [/spin]
Workbench Command [/craft]

︾︽︾︽ Hello Worlds ︽︾︽︾
︾︽︾︽ Teleport Around the Server ︽︾︽︾
/spawn Return to spawn
/overworld Build homes, bases, and farms here
/mineworld Collect world resources here
/minenether Collect nether resources here
/mineend Collect end resources here
/sethome [name] Create a home teleport
/delhome [name] Delete a home teleport
/home [name] Teleport to a home
/rtp Randomly teleport to a safe area
/back Return to last location
︾︽︾︽ Claim in the Overworld ︽︾︽︾
︽︾︽ How to Earn and Spend Money ︽︾︽
/kit claimtool Tool for setting/resizing claim
/claimlist See claim blocks owned, used, and coordinates
/buyclaimblocks Buy claim blocks
/trust [name] Allow player access to the claim
/untrust[name] Remove player access to the claim
/abandonclaim Remove claim
●More information HERE
Redeem Vote Crates at spawn after voting
●Create or Visit a Player Shop (like /pw ABC)
/headdb Gives access to the head database shop
●Buy Treasure Keys to unlock cosmetics
●Play Pocket Games and score
●Earn money as you play or doing /quests
●Buy claim blocks to expand your build(s)
/togglescoreboard For the scoreboard info on the right
︾︽︾︽ Socialize ︽︾︽︾
︾︽︾︽ Sit, Lay, and Pose ︽︾︽︾
/list See list of players online or click-hold TAB
/msg [name] [text] Private message a player
/r [text] Reply to most recent private message
/ad [text] Report issues to admins
/tpa [name] Request to teleport to a player
/tpahere [name] Request a player teleport to you
/besocial help Help on social commands
/sit Sit on a stair, slab, or the ground
/sit toggle Toggle ability to right-click
/sit playertoggle Toggle ability to sit on player
/lay Lay down
/crawl Crawl
/bellyflop Bellyflop
/spin Spin
︾︽︾︽ Cosmetics ︽︾︽︾
︾︽︾︽ Custom Statues ︽︾︽︾
/cosmetics Opens cosmetics menu
/unequip or /unequipall Turn off current cosmetic(s)
/toggleselfview Toggle for morphs or statuses
| Particle Effects | Arrow Effects | Death Effects |
| Balloons | Music | Gadgets | Emotes | Mounts |
| Statuses | Pets | Miniatures | Banners | Morphs |​
●Armor Stands with arms, equipment, invisibility and more
/statuetool Gives flint for customizing armor stands
/asedit help Help menu for how to use
︾︽︾︽ Pocket Games ︽︾︽︾
︾︽︾︽ Mail or Trash Items ︽︾︽︾
/pg Opens pocket games menu
/pg duel [player] [game] Sends duel request to player
/pg duel accept Accept duel request
/pg duel deny Deny duel request
/pg spectate Shows games available for spectate
/trash Opens virtual trash can
/mailbox help See all commands
/mailbox send Send a letter or item(s)
/mailbox open Open mailbox menu
/mailbox list List of mailbox locations
Craft a mailbox
︾︽︾︽ Player Shops ︽︾︽︾
︾︽︾︽ Player Warps ︽︾︽︾
Find Items
/finditem TO_BUY [itemname] Shows shops and buy price
/finditem TO_SELL [itemname] Shows shops and sell price
Create Shop
●Left-click a chest to turn into a shop
●In chat, type in the price (defaults to selling)
●Right-click sign to access Shop Control Panel
●Right-click chest to add or remove stock
Visit Shop
●Left-click the sign to preview or buy
●In chat, type in quantity to buy or sell
/pw set [name] Creates a warp where you stand
/pw reset [name] Moves the warp to where yous stand
/pw remove [name] Removes your player warp
/pw category [name] [category] Sets category
/pw desc set [name] [description] Sets description
/pw open Opens a GUI for all player warps
/pw icon set [name] Set warp icon to item in your hand
/pw [name] Teleport to the named player warp
︾︽︾︽ McMMO ︽︾︽︾
︾︽︾︽ McMMO Party ︽︾︽︾
/mcstats List of your current skill levels
/mctop [skill] Top players in skill specified
/mcrank How you rank against others in each skill
/[skill] Shows your skill level, sub-skills, and more
●More information HERE
/mcmmo: party create [partyname] Create a new party
/mcmmo: party invite [playername] Invite a player
/mcmmo: party accept Accept an invite to join a party
/mcmmo: party info Current party info
/mcmmo: party help See more command options
/pc [message] Private party chat

︾︽︾︽ Approved Client Mods ︽︾︽︾

5Zig | Ambient Sounds 2.0 | Apple Skin | Armor Status | Better Foliage | Better FPS | Dual Hotbars | Durability Show | Effect Status | Gamma Bright | Googly Eyes | Hud Pixel | Hwyla | InventoryTweaks | JEI | JourneyMap | Light Level Overlay Reloaded | Light Overlay | Lithium | More Overlays | Mouse Tweaks | Neat | Not Enough Items | Optifine | Phospher | Rei's Minimap | Replay Mod | Schematica/ Litematica | Shaders | Sodium | Sound Filters ToroCraft's Damage Indicators | Waila | Waila Harvestability | Wawla | WTHIT | Xaeros Minimap | Xaeros WorldMap | Zan's Minimap | Zoomify

︾︽︾︽ Meet the Leadership ︽︾︽︾


Minecraft Senior Manager
Minecraft Build Team Manager
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