TF2 Presents: Dodgeball!


TF2 Presents: Dodgeball!

It's time for Dodgeba- wait... where are all the balls at? What do you mean no one brought any? Well, I guess we're gonna have to use these giant deadly rockets instead. Come one come all to Dodgerocke- I mean Dodgeball Night! Where you definitely WON'T be blown to smithereens!

This TF2 event will be hosted by L.M.C.M. L.M.C.M. , featuring Dodgeball maps! The event will be Friday, November 18th (11/18) @ 7pm CST & 8pm EST

Join us on Discord, We will be on the event server (See Message in #events at event start)
Hope to see you all there!

Writing: @4g0tt3nSou1 & L.M.C.M. L.M.C.M. | Art: @Alcha

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