DoD movie

Just so you guys now, you can download it on steam (Video tab, click the add videos link) in all its high res glory. I like it better than on sites like youtube. Good video, though.
We need to make our own....really...get a group of us together on one server, lock for a while, and film it (make a script first), and take the music from the, example:
Or make a start like that to a movie, if we make one...
Watching the vid from steam right now.

EDIT: WOW! I love that movie now...we need to make one :) Though it will not look the same...that was pretty much custom made....the angle, etc....
thats what im sayin heat....we should make a movie..few problems...when will it be? long will it be?...and how many people do we need?
We can only get 32...unless we use all 3 servers....and do many shots....we should get 1 to 3 guys to film it, with camera,etc...a couple of "actors" and someone to make script and set times...and council to put on password....etc. And something rather short...or it will be hard to upload 2 to 5 mins...or many films..part I,part II,etc.
Everyone who wanted to do it would have to use TS or something were we don't have to type so much.... But i think it would be fun :)
ahh man i wish i could help u guyz :(
my steam thing doesn't work cuz this lil pop-up thing is,well..popping up and it logs me out of the game,
i so wish i could help, it sounds soo awesome
My mercy angel(Death), let's discuss it on pm's or xfire...we need to make a plan..or even film on another server...I got one I can film and act on it....just go to find a wire/cord that is used to move the film to comp.
thats good heat......but i think we need some more people...but its off to a good start :D