EdgeGamers Overwatch 2 Scrim Team


EdgeGamers Overwatch 2 Scrim Team

With great pleasure, Overwatch would like to announce the relaunch of the EdgeGamers Scrim Team. For those new to the subject, a scrim team is a competitive group where players can work to better themselves and their team in a private environment. While I (@kyle??) may not have the most coaching experience, my dedication to Overwatch's competitive scene and ever-changing meta will hopefully provide great insight for the team. The overall goal for this team is to encourage teamwork and improvement while having fun.

There is no rank requirement to join the team, but a working mic is required to communicate through Discord. Due to the change from 6v6 to 5v5, there may be a decrease in how playtime is divided depending on the number of players/roles we fill.

How to join
If interested, message @kyle?? on the forums. Applications are open to E-tags and above only so if you do not have one but are interested please go to this link. Put your rank, Discord ID, and preferred role. You will be notified within the following days.

Scrims will hopefully be held every 1-2 weeks depending on the player base. While not every scrim is mandatory, schedule changes should be noted and made aware of to either @kyle?? or our dedicated channel. Be on the lookout for more news, player roster, and any changes in the coming weeks. I can't wait to meet everyone and Happy Overwatching.



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