Do you use a laptop

do you use your laptop to play games

  • yes

    Points: 6 30.0%
  • no

    Points: 10 50.0%
  • somtimes

    Points: 4 20.0%

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I have been gaming on a laptop for almost a year now and I don't know why you would ever use a pc unless you are a nerd, I'm never going back. change my mind ◉‿◉.


Had a laptop when I was younger and I played Runescape, Wizard101, and CS 1.6 on it. But since 2010 I've had a desktop and it's the one true way.


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Easier to upgrade parts over time without having to replace the entire build. Able to customize and build a PC the way I like it to look, with what parts I like.

Not trying to change your mind. Just stating facts.


My first introduction to gaming was on my brothers old gaming laptop which I played for, for about 2 years. Ever since, gaming with pc just didn't feel right.

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used to have one but it broke so i bought a pc lol i was tired of how i cant play some games on the graphics i wanted them on

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I've never used a laptop i think id absolutely have a seizure trying to figure out how to play