Me pwning the piano


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Here is a video of me pwning up the keys of my piano with a song called Waterfall =D. Tell me what you think guys, and I know my piano is out of tune.
rockin sweet bro, lol
"is this the off button"
hhahaha that wuz great
good job
not my music at all, but uber good


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If you go to that movie and hit More From This User, I have 2 other videos on there now.


Wow man, I really enjoyed that video, and I posted a comment on YouTube. Keep learning more songs and posting them on here so I can show my friends and stuff.

You'll get famous eventually and credit me for getting ya out there :p

JK, you got finger talent!



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Great work Karl!? You're a fine pianist.

"Is this the off button?" LOL


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Awsome pianist, crap with electronics :)

Seriously dude that was really great you should play at weddings and stuff (if you arnt already!) becasue your more than good enough and you make a killing!


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that was really really good.....and winged angel....that sig is awesome..(bit big though)


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lol is this the off button!! lol but hey your really good, keep it up


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lol outbreak :)