[TF2] Breaking Records!


[TF2] Breaking Records!

In October of 2017, a record was set that has remained unchallenged for over five years.

Until now.

It is with great pleasure I announce that through combined coordination, the Team Fortress 2 Event Coordination Team has beaten the standing record for Events Hosted In a Given Month. This record has held steady at 16 events for half a decade but that record is no more.

18 EVENTS are planned for Team Fortress 2 this December! Expect some crowd favourites such as Black Mesa Sunday every Sunday night at 9EST and the Royal Rumble coming soon, some events we haven’t seen for a little while such as KARAOKE NIGHT, and a few completely new events such as Nintendo Night coming up on the 6th!
With such a wide spread of games and content, every person will be able to pick a class and go, go go!

Event 1: Prop Hunt on Friday, Dec 2nd at 7:00EST ~ Join us for a night of sneaky shenanigans as Blu attempts to hunt down Red’s mercs hiding around the map!

Event 2-5: BlackMesa Sunday on Sunday, Dec 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th at 9:00EST ~ Hop into a classic staple of eGO TF2 on either our Black Mesa Beta map or Black Mesa 2 map designed by one of our own members! A 7-point CP map boasting multiple environment dangers, the enemy players are just one thing to keep an eye on.

Event 6: Payload Night on Monday, Dec 5th at 8:00EST ~ Push the cart to Red’s base OR don’t let Blu near that cart! Join us in an evening of payload map rotations!

Event 7: Nintendo Night on Tuesday, Dec 6th at 9:00EST ~ Why is that RED plumber shooting fireballs from his hand? Show him what for BUILDERS LEAGUE UNITED.

Event 8: Royal Rumble Practice on Wednesday, Dec 8th at 9:00EST ~ Grab a rag and clean off that minigun, the Royal Rumble approaches and you’re going to need all of the practice you can get!

Event 9: Deathrun Night on Tuesday, Dec 13th at 9:00EST ~ Lace up those shoes and maybe grab a can of Bonk!, you’re going to die… unless you run fast enough!

Event 10: Royal Rumble Practice on Wednesday, Dec 14th at 9:00EST ~ Make sure your minigun is revved up and your flamethrower fully fueled, the Royal Rumble is almost here!

Event 11: Egypt Night on Monday, Dec 19 at 9:00EST ~ Make sure to pack your sunscreen, your sandals, and a shotgun! Egypt night promises to be sandy!

Event 12: Medieval Night on Wednesday, Dec 21st at 9:00EST ~ Grab thine sword, thy shield, and thy bow and prepareth thee for an onslaught the likes of which has naught been sighted since the assault on Camelot!

Event 13: The Nightmare Before Christmas on Thursday, Dec 22nd at 9:00EST ~ ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, and all through the house, all of the Blus were stirring and Red wanted them out!

Event 14: Altitude Night on Tuesday, Dec 27th at 9:00EST ~ The Altitude payload map ain’t gonna play itself! Stop the cart and be sure to pace your breathing at this… altitude!

Event 15: Rat Maps on Wednesday, Dec 28th at 9:00EST ~ We’ve shrunk! Clearly the devious machinations of the Blus! We must capture all of the … really really big points and hope nobody steps on us!

Event 16: Discord Game Night on Saturday, Dec 31st at 7:00EST ~ Join us in Discord for a plethora of games led by our TF2 Event Coordinators!

Event 17: Karaoke Night - Friday, Dec 30th at 9:00EST in the Discord ~ Make sure your playlist is fully selected and join us for a TF2 classic of singing! All abilities are welcome at this rare classic!

Event 18: THE ROYAL RUMBLE - Saturday, December 17th - at 9:00EST ~ THE DAY IS FINALLY HERE! The biggest matchup in TF2 history, eGO leadership versus … EVERYBODY ELSE! Gain domination against leadership to possibly win some crazy good items and even some cash prizes!

Make sure to check out the events above! We hope to see you at a bunch of them!

Writer: @Scarox93 | Artist: @Alcha

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