Knife Giveaway


Godzilla is my favorite person in the world

Hey gamers, I'm giving away this Navaja Knife Stained in Minimal Wear condition. The rules are as follows:​
1: Guess a number 1-1000 (you may enter once every 24 hours). If no one guesses the correct number by Christmas, I'll add everyone's name to a raffle.
2. Tag some homies.
3. Write me a haiku about ice cream (optional).

Good luck and have fun :)


not milos
I bring to you a haiku written by myself with no winning number or tags:

ice cream is quite cold
ice cream is quite delicious
i love to eat cream


Had to give the haiku a try

Icy deliciousness
Melting quickly In the sun
Bringing summer smiles

Ps. I don’t think Haikus are supposed to rhyme @TehRaddish 🙃
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EGO Addict

@Skle @blank_dvth
Five six seven eight
who do we appreciate
That is right! MS

Oh, a snow haiku?
I suppose I could write one
But that just sounds cold

Maybe you should go
Outside so you can touch grass
make sure not to slip

Watch out for black ice
Roads are very slippery
One mistake, you’re dead

Also Rad and Heart
i don’t think you know what a
goddamn haiku is

Go back to grade school (<3)
Cause they go five seven five
Go by syllables

@XxHeartlessxX @TehRaddish

Poetry is dead
I don’t like it anyways
EdgeGamers 4 Life

And technically
Googled it: deliciousness
Has four syllables

So there, your haiku
Is completely Invalid
Better luck next time
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@Belt @Spare @Jayy @blank_dvth @Jacko @Left @Trinity @Daddy Succ @Crazy Apple @Mooshua @b t

In a waffle cone
A scoop of vanilla cream
Melts in summer sun.

A dollop of fudge
Drizzled on top carefully
A tasty delight.

Sprinkles of color
Dot the creamy confection
A treat for the eyes.

Chocolate chips abound
The frozen delight
Such a tasty indulgence.

A scoop of mint chip
Refreshing on a hot day
Cooling, delicious.

Strawberry swirls
A creamy vanilla base
A sweet summer treat.

Scoop of pistachio
A cone of sugar wafer
Nutty indulgence.

Some cookies and cream
In a cone of chocolate chip
A tasty dessert.
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EGO Is My Life!
Once every 24 hours huh...


Summer's heat is fierce
But ice cream brings sweet relief
A cool, creamy treat

In a waffle cone
Scoops of vanilla, chocolate
Strawberry and more

Toppings galore on top
Sprinkles, hot fudge, and cherries
A feast for the eyes

Licking, savoring
Each delicious bite, oh bliss
Ice cream, how I love

As the sun sets low
I sit and enjoy my treat
The perfect end to day.

- ChatGPT

@Belt @Spare @Jayy @Daddy Succ @Trinity @Jacko @Left @Skle