red orchestra

well, i had played the free weekend thing a while back
The gameplay is much slower, more stragetic than dod:s really fun at times.
It is also much more realistic than dod, no crosshairs, requiring you to actually use iron sights on the weapons (which i also liked)
The graphics... not much to say about them, certaintly not as good as DOD:S. really a dissappointment
And it is online play.
i still have 1 guest pass to give so... if anyone wants it... just pm me with your steam username or email...
There's a steep learning curve, maps are larger, but guns are more accurate and deadly. Wallking around is slower, but jogging lets you go much further than DoD does before resting. IS is very well implemented. It does take some playing time to get good at it, but when so, extremely enjoyable. If DoD:S weren't my major distraction, it would be Red Orchestra, for sure. It's my second-favorite game.
My current computer runs dod:s on lowest settings at around 60 fps... My computer froze completely when trying to play RO online. My guess is that it takes a good computer to play RO...

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