Announcement Diamond Commendation Awards


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Diamond Commendation Awards

Writing: @Jayy | Editing: @Daddy Succ | Art: @Alcha


It is with great pleasure to announce these diamond awards to these very special people,
that have improved our gaming life tremendously with their dedication to our community and servers.

@Majesty - The Event Guru. We thank you for your dedication to our servers, not only to the number of events that you have and will continue to host making our nights that much greater, but with the positive vibes and experience that others receive when interacting with you. We are proud of you being one of our admins and hope that you understand how much we appreciate you.
4 Hour HnS Event Round 2 when?

@Mooshua - The Tech Guru. We are so thankful for all the work that you have put in regarding tech. A lot of the things that have happened within the servers have been because of you and the rest of the tech team with your great dedication.

@Zacc - The mapping Guru and class clown. We are thankful to Zacc for his dedication to various aspects of our community. They have been within the community for years. Helping out in every aspect that they possibly could have. I have met them firstly as an admin trainer where they showed great knowledge of the rules and how situations should be handled. They are also part of the mapping team where they are currently leading it as an Advisor making sure that our servers are getting all the new maps and any map bugs are squashed as soon as they appear. Their hard work and dedication can be seen on our servers every day.​
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