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Hey guys, just droppin' by. I used to be a member here but then there were some complications. I just wanted to see how you guys were doing. Looks like you just keep moving up. Thats always a good thing. The clan has gotten huge since way back when, when it started with only a few eGO members. Glad to see you all having fun still. I'll catch yall around.
Hey Chaotic. Good to see you again. Why don't you post some info about yourself in JohnT's recruiting forum so that everyone can get to know you and put an =(e)= tag on?
Heh, well you know I'd really like to but you see there seems to be a problem. Cuz someone got into my account one day and seemed to have hacked on one of your severs in the past and my steam id is banned. so i was just poppin in to see what you guys were up to now. But thanks for the offer ( I do know the system you work here by the way, I used to be an admin here ;) ) and i saw that noxus is back...when i was still here he got banned or left or something, cant remember the details. but anyways, yea i was just checkin in.