Frags of The YEAR! - 2022

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Frags of The YEAR! - 2022

Thank you to EVERYONE who has submitted clips this past year for Frags of The Month- Now, we want to give you a special episode of this series, highlighting this year, 2022's, best/most memorable frags! We are happy you all have continued to enjoy the series, and we hope to make 2023 another great year filled with more episodes of Frags of The Month.

And as always...

Frags of The Month rely on YOU the community to submit clips! We want to see your proudest frags in action.
We will put your frags into a video each month! Around 4-5 clips will be selected and compiled for your entertainment.
These frags can come from any game, just be sure to submit them in the google form below!!

Important: Official thread for submissions; here. It outlines how your clips can/will be used.

Please enjoy the Year of 2022's edition of Frags of The Year!



Artist: heidi heidi | Video Editor: aln aln

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I'm glad I could've worked on this project! I promise you my quality of my work will be exponential next time you see another directed video by me! I'd like to thank all of the previous editors in regards within FOTM to which has led us to this moment! Happy New Year to everyone here ~

thank u heidi heidi 4 assigning me to dis project
Man really outed my inability to hit my flares 😂
No but the Sewers Are Always Dangerous.
I am The Guardian of 2Fort's Sewers.

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