CS:Source 24/7 Rotation Server

In the spirit of the Holiday Season, the Counter-Strike Leadership Team would like to give you all a gift to remember!

As we monitored our server's activities the glaring truth that led to our conclusion was obvious. Our CS:S Dust2 Server has long remained one of our most popular servers being #1 in the United States and beloved within the community, which is why with great excitement and anticipation we announce the release of the CS: Source Rotation server, open now!

This new server will be a 24/7 Rotation Server!
No Awps - No Autos

The Rotation Server will include only the most popular defusal & hostage maps such as:​
Assault, Cache, Cobble, High_School, Inferno, Italy, Kalt (DoD), Mirage, Nuke, Office, Piranesi, Season, Train, & Vertigo.

HOWEVER, this isn't your regular Rotation Server. We have added new unique features for you to experience!

Initial features include:
66 Tick Rate, Colored Smoke Grenades (Blue for CT, Red for T), & Invincible Hostages

Even more new features to come after release!

Connect now:

Counter-Strike: Source
currently on sale $0.99 via Steam.

Writing: @Belt | Editing: @Trinity @blank_dvth | Art: @Ric

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I made one post
Nice! been getting tired of D2, lol. However, it seems like this new server lags a lot for me. I'm getting high ping and low in/out from the server (ss after I leave spawn on nuke, 5v5).


I made one post
seems like the lag has been fixed, yay! the server lasted a while tonight, even after the d2 server came back.

Some suggestions we talked about in-game w/ @Immaculate:
  1. Reduce round time to 2min
  2. Reduce map time to 20min w/ option to extend (3 extensions max)
  3. votekick or voteban w/ very high requirement (this is only useful if no admins are around)
  4. votemute with low requirement (when player list mute doesn't work)
  5. dead talk (all talk when dead), or option to vote to turn all talk on/off (the only drawback to all talk always on is unable to plan on T side)
  6. auto RTV/votemap should be closer to the end of the map, like around the last 3min
  7. 2+ more wire colors
  8. new maps: (bold were mentioned in-game)
    1. de_aztec
    2. de_bluecorridor_kai
    3. de_chateau
    4. de_contra
    5. de_cpl_fire
    6. de_cpl_mill
    7. de_cpl_strike
    8. de_dust
    9. de_kismayo
    10. de_losttemple_pro
    11. de_losttemple2
    12. de_nightfever
    13. de_nighthawk_pro
    14. de_prodigy
    15. de_rose
    16. de_rush
    17. de_russka
    18. de_secretcamp
    19. de_shutdown
    20. de_sunny
    21. de_villa
    22. fy_iceworld


Don't worry, be happy!
Senior Manager

Of your suggestions some are perks for Dedicated Supporters only, but the remaining can absolutely be considered. FYI, almost all of these maps are currently on the list to be added soon. Kami, I'm personally very grateful to you and the other players your input. The door is always open. Please feel free to reach out anytime. See you on the server! 👍


Queen of Ice

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Im enjoying it and its fun when u dont have friends to play with the bots are there for you and play like real players.

Screenshot 2023-03-01 at 22-01-34 Queen of Ice.png