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to kick of the starter of this series, we have a video talking about "How to Implement a Signature on the Forums!"
this series was made to help people within certain problems or confusion regarding some aspects of
the forums / games or whatever eGO related confusion there may be. Although this isn't a official associated project within
EdgeGamers i still want to help you guys out regarding problems I had to face, and I don't want you guys to go
through that process of stress to find it out stressfully.

I'll be occasionally pumping out videos for you guys regarding FAQ and questions that are answered but not known much to the public eye!

All information within the guides will be certified / approved by Leadership so you can be 101% sure about all the information your intaking to be true!

If your LE within a different division and would like to request me to make a guide for them feel free to contact me!

Also if you don't see your question or clarification within this guide, please refer yourself to the Discord of EdgeGamers
and verify yourself using !verify. Once that's done go ahead to #help-desk where Member Services will be ready
to help you with your question! Although if you think your question can only be answered by LE go ahead and redirect
yourself to this page and go ahead and Contact Leadership for any clarifications you need.

If this isn't allowed within Edge-Gamers please contact me on aln#0204 for request of removal.
by if any means any information is WRONG also contact me regarding a certain factor,
and I'll make sure to clarify it within the COMMENTS of that certain video.
If you want more details about this Series please do go ahead and reach
out to me via private PM's or via the reply section down below!
Please note that I'm doing this to HELP, no other intention to views etc.


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