Announcement i called the new le member at 3am! you will not believe what happens next!💀 [Real] [Gone Wrong]


mad cuz bad
Senior Manager


Writing: @Belt @Mooshua | Editing: @Jacko @Semo @Martin

Throughout most of last year, the CS community has been struggling to provide events for you guys. At its low, we wouldn't have a single event for an entire month. However, that changed when a certain individual decided it was enough. This person started off working with Member Services in the COT program, became a SS for JB, and eventually became a CS Event Coordinator. As an EC, he has shown his dedication and effort toward leading the program to where it was before, hosting numerous events. His events were of the highest quality, making sure every single person was having fun, which brought the CS community back together.

Please join me in congratulating @Majesty on his promotion to Manager!

Majesty will become the CS Event Coordinator Manager, making sure we continue executing the best quality of events, brainstorming new event concepts, & maintaining the status of our EC program.

Here's an IRL picture of Majesty (not clickbait) & a trash valorant clip:


not milos
wow @Majesty this was not expected at all due to what you definitely did not suggest to me that was possibly a leak !
congratulations sir.