Battlefield MOTY 2022


Even this shall pass away
KillShot has become a part of the Battlefield and the EGO family as a friendly and familiar voice on TeamSpeak and now Discord since 2016, welcoming everyone that enters the channel. A dedicated Admin keeping our server punk and hacker free, a member that is willing to listen to others and help in any way he can. His conduct and actions in server and in chat embody the qualities that EGO and Battlefield want the gaming public to see from our players. It is with great pleasure that we award this years Member of the Year Award to KillShot19.
So well done. I am just sad, that the timezones make it hard to play more with you... The best to you from Denmark..
Thank you for the being a dedicated Admin keeping our server punk and hacker free and all the other small/large things you have been doing behind the scenes.
Who was that Masked Man ???


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