Community Meeting Notes (1/14/23)


I used moms credit card to buy this
Member of the Year

Congrats @dyltebo on earning member of the year for 2022! Tebo has been a dedicated member of law enforcement and is always willing to assist the leadership team. Once again, congratulations and we look forward to your continued dedication to improving the community.

Emergency Medical Services

Over the last week or so our medical services has been rebuilding, so it is crucial that we utilize their services. In addition, medical staff can come to you, so feel free to give them a call instead of driving to pillbox. If you have any questions on how to enhance your medical roleplay feel free to reach out.


Voting on tracky is essential to the success of the server. Plus you receive $1000.00 every time you vote. After you vote on the tracky website type /checkvote in-game to receive your reward.

Breaking Cuffs/Tazing Afterwards

Law Enforcement, if a suspect breaks cuff remember to give them somewhat of an opportunity to escape. Remember, the idea of transactional roleplay. It is not all about winning a scene its about providing an enjoyable experience for all parties.

Road Map

MDT Upgrades
EMS Upgrades
More Businesses



Current Bugs that are being worked on:

Food & Water in Car
Cars not giving Scrap
Update map & blips

If you were unable to attend the meeting and have questions feel free to reach out to Typical#6148 and we can get those questions answered.

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