Game Overview: HIGH ON LIFE

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Game Overview: HIGH ON LIFE

"Lezduit!" In this segment of Game Overview, we would like to present you with a game that stems from the imagination of Justin Roiland, one of the creators of Rick and Morty. High On Life was released on December 13, 2022, and is rated M by the ESRB. High On Life is an action-packed, comedic adventure game based in an animated world that is almost guaranteed to bring you a unique gaming experience with its talking guns.

Players explore a galaxy filled with Easter Eggs and achievements as they are tasked with tracking down alien cartels and assassinating select targets as they fight their way into the target's lair for an explosive and epic boss battle. High on Life is a first person shooter with a customizable playstyle. In addition to combat the game features hilarious dialogue, action adventure, metroidvania elements, transversal and platforming sections and puzzles.

High on Life is a great comedic game. Together with fun gameplay, it combines a funny and cool story that you should not take too seriously. It's something that hasn't been done that much before and makes it a refreshing game. For the price of $59.99, I think it's a bit pricy, but I can see others buying it for sure! I would say it's better to wait for it to be on sale. I give it an 8/10
- Moto Moto

Okay, so I haven't finished the game yet- but my honest review of the game so far is that it is great. Personally, I don't like high difficulty. I'm here for the story and comedy, and there is a mega-easy mode so you can just enjoy that. I think the amount of detail is great, there are at least (I think) 5 full-length (terrible and old) films within the game. I almost sat through the whole first part of "Tammy and the T-Rex" or something like that lol. The guns and dialogue in general are funny as heck, although it is definitely for MATURE audiences.
10/10 so far!
- heidi

High on Life is from the minds and creators of Rick and Morty. This should tell you a decent amount about how this game is if you watched Rick and Morty.
Overall, it has graphics reminiscent of Fallout 4 but modernized. It runs smoothly and feels like a top-tier game. The game also has a quirky and fun feel to it but is very inappropriate. It is 100% intended for mature audiences. From the jokes told, the things alluded to, and how the player interacts with the game will leave you with a feeling at moments of " Huh, they really put that into a video game? How was that allowed? Lol"

In essence, if you like Rick and Morty, a mature but challenging game at moments, and quirky alien interactions at times; then this game is for you.
- TehRaddish

The game looks good, and the dialogs & characters are funny. The gameplay and the music are very good & fun. - (7/10)
- KoCode

If you were to skip the enemies and take a skip/shortcut the game will call you out and say something funny. Definitely a 9/10
- Ace

Price: FREE on GAME PASS and 59.99 USD on Steam.

OSWindows 10Windows 10
ProcessorIntel(R) Core(TM) i5-4430K CPU @ 3.00GHzIntel(R) Core(TM) i5-6402p CPU @ 2.80GHz (4 CPUs) / AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (3.4 GHz)
GPUNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 (3GB)/AMD Radeon R9 290x (4GB)NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 (6GB)/AMD RX 5600 XT (6GB)
Storage45 GB45 GB
DirectXVersion 11Version 12

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