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DS Subscription Not Ending

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It is currently 2:24 PM Central Time as I post this bug report. I bought DS Silver a month ago and it said that the subscription would end today at exactly 1:01 PM. I'm pretty sure eGO runs on Central Time as well, so it should have ended around an hour ago. I clicked cancel to end the subscription so I can upgrade it once it ends to Gold or higher if I decide to. I still have a green name on the forums, access to donor commands in-game, and can view and chat on the DS-only forum page. Now, I CERTAINLY don't mind having a free DS Silver subscription, but I'm not sure I feel comfortable having DS perks without paying my fair share to receive them. I want to be a part of the community and help keep it up, not leech off of it. So, if anyone could please help me out with this, that would be great. Thank you.

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As the note says, your DS may still show as active until the expiry date (today) passes. So by tomorrow, the DS perks should be gone. I believe when mine ran out in November, I still had the perks for an extra day or so.
(In case Lucas15 was wrong and you have DS till tomorrow night or for more than 2 days I wouldn't tell anyone..) (Free DS for life)


although jokes aside, Lucas15 already mentioned that it usually goes away within an extra day, or it could vary. At least what I experienced with my previous DS subscription, I had cancelled and waited for the time zone and timing for when my DS will end. It didn't end at that specific time / date. Not the biggest bug, maybe it's intentional for all I know, but thank you for supporting eGO and planning to get our Gold DS Subscription! (I'm Gold Currently, its amazing up here :alien:)​