Important CS Jailbreak average JB day OMG! [NOT CLICKBAIT]


heidi's Intern

Don't watch this video if your not 18+
This video contains mildly flashing light's as well as high volume frequencies.
you have been warned! [REAL]

decided i FINALLY wanted to push in my first jb video. all the way from September 2022 - Jan 2023 I finally gathered enough clips to be deemed worthy,
to put it in a video! Special Thanks to Moto Moto Moto Moto for checking this video's content making sure this was allowed to post on the forums!


other than that, thank u for taking your valuable time to watch this video!
something I wanted to post for a while now, finally got to do it!


#crazymoments #juicer #videocrazy
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W video, I feel you on the subs, that's why my uploads are so few and far between, it's so tedious and boring
Also, @houzekeeping is a walking montage. He breaths and it’s a clip.
Bro @Retr0Destr0yer is the same way lmao, man's a content goldmine
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