This server is great, low ping and it feels balanced and fair, I can't say the same for the others. Is it because we are in the US? Our server is empty for most of the day. We get players later in the evening, and it does great during those times. I see other servers populated during most of the day. I play on the other servers, but my ping is horrible, and the rules are insane. What can we do to populate the server during the day? We could modify the map a little, just to bring something new and interesting to the game . We could expand the boundaries a bit for the snipers. I know we all hate snipers and I love killing them, but people love to snipe for some reason. The expanded boundaries would be fun for the Helo pilots as well. How do you modify? Is it through procon?

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Like we don't have enough problems with BFBC2 already :cool: , it involves installing plugins and other mods to the game as far as I know .