Medium Open On Roadmap CS:GO Jailbreak - jb_moo hns recall is broken


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What is the scope of your bug report?
CS:GO Jailbreak

Short description of the bug
jb_moo hns recall is broken

Detailed description of the bug
The game initially only recalled 2 of the 3 Ts in the game, so I restarted and ended it to see if that would tp the guy back out, and it immediately killed him



heidi's Intern
I've noticed the same instance happening with me when I wardened on jb_moo.

Upon further analysis I decided to give some possible conclusions on how the T died. Although I don't know with certainty how he DIDN'T get recalled.

* A1: When TP'ed, notice how he spawned in the CT side, probably there might be a side where T's cannot enter in or spawn in there, therefore killing him.

* A2: Another answer may be that when TP'ed, he might have died of fall damage. If this instance happens again, it's better to check logs so you can determine what killed him.

* A3 (Improbable): There may be a kill box for T's within the CT side, therefore killing him.

- Analysis is based off of ( 0:34 - 0:42 )

(If any mappers who are more knowledgeable and would boot up jb_moo on their Hammer++ or whatever it may be, please check it out.)