Tech January Newsletter


Tech January Newsletter

Tech Team Promotions:

MSWS - Tech is happy to have MSWS back in a leadership position! He's quickly gotten back into his groove; helping with CS, Discord, and TF2.
Mooshua - A new addition to Tech, we are happy to bring on Mooshua and look forward to his help with CS, Web, TF2, and other games.
Garrett - Garrett has been brought up to Sr. Manager in an effort to maintain consistency and responsiveness from within tech.

Tech Team Awards:
In an effort to recognize all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes, that the community may not be able to realize, Tech Leadership would like to give out the following awards to our members, and those who interact with the Tech Team on a daily basis.

Veteran Recognitions:
These individuals have been in the community for various lengths, but have all contributed greatly to the Tech Team and to the EdgeGamers' Community

Veteran I - @Mooshua
Veteran II - @MSWS

Handyman: @Mooshua
We aren't sure how Mooshua hasn't gotten this award yet, but nevertheless Mooshua has certainly proven themselves as a handyman throughout the community, both within and outside of the Tech Team! For this reason, Tech Team Leadership is happy to bestow the Handyman award to Mooshua!

Diamond Commendation: @Scarox93
As one can tell from their signature, there aren't many teams that Scarox93 has not been apart of. From Media, Community Outreach, Recruitment Coordinator for TF2, or even Member Services, Scarox93 has made it clear that they are a driven, mature, and responsible member of the community. While TF2 honored Scarox93 as their Member of the Year, Tech Team Leadership would like to award Scarox93 a Diamond Commendation for his help with various grammatical and spelling corrections throughout the website, as well as correcting outdating and incorrect information.

Platinum Commendation: @MSWS
Since joining the Tech Team in early 2021, MSWS has quickly jumped at every opportunity given to him. Helping out in the various different platforms that Tech Team supports, MSWS has handled every situation in a light that reflects EdgeGamers' values. We are very grateful for his continued persistence and resilience to burnout, as we would definitely be in a much worse position without his contributions! We look forward to seeing what projects MSWS will take on next! For these reasons, the Tech Leadership is happy to present a Platinum Commendation to MSWS.

Game Panel Management Migration:
While we initially had high hopes for integrating Kubernetes into our tech ecosystem, we have come to the realization that we do not have the resources or roster to support this large of a project at the moment. Additionally, we felt that we needed a solution that offered game leadership audited access in order for each game's leadership to best run their games. Kubernetes is still on the horizon, and we look forward to growing our roster to the point where we can make the migration without interrupting our various services.

In its place, we have implemented WISP, a game panel fork of Pterodactyl, allowing game leadership to access logs, console, and files in real-time.

Previous Tech Newsletter:
We know it has been awhile since our last newsletter, between the holidays and final season our resources were stretched thin, and we had to prioritize other things in the meantime. Luckily, due to our recent promotions and lessened personal-life workload, we are able to bring back this much-loved and much-needed newsletter! We apologize for the gap in time, and will strive to do better in the future.

May - January Recap:
Below you will find a recap of what Tech has accomplished in the time since the last newsletter.

Award system has been polished, and automatic awards has been re-implemented with the new system.
Automatic MAUL updates have been re-implemented.
Various edits and grammar changes have been fixed, shoutout to @Scarox93

Thanks to @MSWS, we now have MAUL discord support in nearly all of our support game's discords.

Updated to SourceMod v1.12
Updated AWP Server (3 new maps, new plugins)
Released CS:S Rotation Server (many thanks to @Skle and @Immaculate)

ClearRP (GTA):
Released ClearRP, a brand new take on FiveM by EdgeGamers

Released survival server to reflect the new Minecraft identity
Introduced new DS features (such as custom hex code name colors)

Team Fortress 2:
Updated to SourceMod v1.12

GitLab Statistics:
1,550 ↣ 1,676 (+126)
Groups: 179 ↣ 169 (Reorganized)
Users: 289 (no previous record)
Merge Requests: 8,757 ↣ 10,244 (+1,487)
Total Pipelines: 60,661 ↣ 79,526 (+18,865)

Looking Towards the Future:
Tech is always working on new features that will benefit our community, from new plugins, games, or platforms. Here are a few things you can look forward to in the coming weeks:

EdgeGamers' Docs:
We've heard everyone's complaints that guides, policies, and documentation is scattered throughout our forums, discords, and google docs. Tech has been working hard on a new documentation solution, available to any member, that will serve as the centralized location for all future documentation.

MAUL 3.0:
We know, we know. You'll believe it when you see it. So will we. Keep looking forward to this classic SoonTM project.
In the meantime, you can look forward to a brand new identity platform developed in-house by the EdgeGamers tech team.
This new login and registration site, dubbed "EdgeGamers ID" during development, will replace Xenforo as a one-stop shop for your EdgeGamers account sometime in the coming year. EdgeGamers ID will enable a plethora of new integrations and complement MAUL 3.0 upon it's eventual release.

Tech Applications:
We are always looking for new talent to join our Team! While we currently don't have the resource to train new tech members from the ground up, anyone with tech experience is welcomed to apply! Apply to tech here:

Writing: @Garrett | Art: @Bluelava101

Check EdgeGamers out on Social Media:
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The Guardian of 2Fort's Sewers
Woooo! Congrats on everyone awarded, looking forward to the new projects, and proud of all yall have accomplished in such a short period of time! Especially hyped for the doc organization system! Thanks so much for the shoutout, made my day :D


Sr. Manager - Admin Dev
Senior Manager
I missed having these newsletters. Happy to see them making a return