Announcement Build Team


Epic Gamer
Hello I am SoupyJr
I will be running the new minecraft Build Team.
This team will be a working beside the Minecraft ECs supplying them help with ideas and builds.
This also gives options to those that want to expand on their skills in building. We will be working as a team and giving pointers.
Any active member of EGO is eligible to join the build team.
If you are interested in joining the build team please look at what we expect before deciding.

Be willing to write notes about builds.
Be able to have proper time management.
If inactive for 2 week without explanation, position may be removed.
Be able to communicate and work with others.
Follow The EGO Code of Conduct.
Be willing to take constructive criticism.
Have Fun.
Be Nice.

Must Be a Member of eGO
Build something within time crunch
Optional: Showing past builds

Now that you've read everything and you would like to join,
please fill out this form.
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